Friday, July 24, 2009

Expander out

So on the 21st I had that dreaded expander removed. It kinda hurt having removed but Im so thankful, I dont talk with a lisp anymore. I have had two different elastic combos and the newest is actually four different sets. On my right top i go to tooth three to bottom tooth three then fron top tooth four to bottom tooth four. Then on my left side im from top 3 to three and four bottom then overlap from top four to bottom four five. All stage two elastics(kangaroo). Fun fun....Ive seen some big changes in my teeth, my bottoms look great.
Ohhhh the other pleasurable thing i had done was they sanded inbetween my bottom teeth, now thas was fun...I dont go back until the 24th, Im excited to let my sister see my teeth!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarpe After

So I had the Sarpe surgery done on Thursday morning. There was a slight change in plans the day before my surgery as the Oral surgeon consulted with my Ortho and decided I would only get cut on one side of my palate(Left) The right side had room and my top front teeth and bottom align up fairly well. The sarpe will help create room on the left side to pull down that canine, that right now there is no room for. Anyhows I was in the Operating room and out in recovery after about an hour. I immediately had pain in my mouth, they gave me morphine intravenously at least twice.
The first twenty four hours I felt tired but could not sleep, at least soundly that is. I could tell when some of the swelling went down that I had some more room in my palate already. When I ate I could feel that my oral surgeon had turned my expander already. I recieved a call the next day Friday where the OS told me I was to turn the expander twice a day and to see them on Monday. I "think" Im turning it, but I cantbe sure honestly. It doesnt seem complicated but I just cant tell.
So today is day three, I didnt take any narcotic today and feel somewhat ok. Im taking my antibiotic, and mouthwash as prescribed though. Im off for an additional week and will be stir crazy. On a side note Im glad no one at work can see my swollen cheek, and the semi black eye i have formed. Id rather spend a week doing something fun, but what can ya do? No pictures as my teeth I think look like heck...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

RPE is going to be the death of me

So I ended up with this expander a week early. A few days after my last appointment, I somehow broke a wire off? Anyhows the tec was afraid to readd coil and whatnot as it may cause shifting of my teeth, and then affect the mold they took for the expander. So almost a week goes by and my teeth are moving like crazy(so i think) Afraid I call the Ortho and see if its possible to have the expander put in early*(what was i thinking). Anyhows I have one molar that is overly sensitive to the touch and guess where the expander sits upon? Yup that tooh, I literally was in tears and I still dont think its seated properly. Doc says it will be fine though(I hope so).

I cant really eat anything as everything I do eat goes right to the roof of my mouth, where its trapped by the expander(very annoying) I have lots of excess slobber and sound totally retarded(refarded). I have yet to have any real second thoughts on this braces journey, until yesterday when I got this expander. I was very tempted to turn around and tell them to take it out*seriously)

Anyhows It will be ok I know this, and am totally suprised at what the body will except as normal. I mean when I got the braces I thought " Ill never get use to these things" Now I feel their a part of me, elastics and all. I know shortly I may never grow to except it completely, but It will get easier. Now the SARPE is scheduled for next Thursday, Ill check in then...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Second Adjustment Updates

I think It was a second adjustment, I had my mold taken for the Rpe surgery coming up on the 28th. I go back on the 27th to have the device installed. Im pretty apprehensive about it as its going to affix to one of my most sensitive teeth. I did try to inquire on just what type of Sarp surgery I was going to have(ie lefort or no?) And sadly no one at the orthodontist had a clue what I was talking about? No one is overly friendly anyhow:-( Thats a whole nother story.
So I did have my wire changed, and alot of coils added to the bottom row of teeth, the assistant said that my bottoms are straightning up quite nicely. They are really killing me today, my bottom are much more sensitive to pain then my top teeth, why that is I have no clue. The Ortho didnt change much up top becuase I had the mold done, so dont want to mess that up prior to the surgery. I will update with a new picture soon.Thanks for reading...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing exciting just updating

Ive got a good two weeks at least until the next adjustment. Ive been wearing my bands like an addict. Only time there out is when I'm eating or brushing my teeth. I'm finding I'm clenching my teeth when I sleep, or at least it feels that way when I wake up in the mornings. It actually feels odd to not have them in my mouth now! I can tell its working whatever its supposed to do, my bite seems a bit off. Im finding it harder to eat on the right side, nad dont seem to be chewing food as well. Im down a few lbs as of late, the foods I seem to like are bad for braces or just dont seem worth the hassle. Guess thats gotta be good right?

For the next adjustment Im supposed to have the mold for my rpe made, im getitng a tad nervous about all that. Im also job seeking, so what happens if I land a new job that doesnt cover all this surgery that I all ready have pre approved? Do I pass up an opportunity? Ugh life is grand isnt it? Ill update soon, really Im not Debbie downer, this whole braces thing is pretty much ok;-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just checking in

Im not sure why I even keep this log, no one even reads it...LOL..Guess im hoping to see changes myself. I see some but nothing earth shattering, it is pretty early into treatment though. Ive been wearing my elastics like clockwork, taking them out only to eat and brush my teeth. Im wondering how much time off I may need with this Sarp surgery, will I need someone at home with me when its done? I feel like a stalker on archwired, I was all freaked out when it went down again for a few days. Ive read that alot of people dont start elastics till a decent time in braces, wonder why Im in them so soon? I trust my ortho as he is "The best" I hear, I just wish I new more KWIM? I have not had much pain with my adjustment, not sure if thats good or not? At least when it hurt I knew it was becuase my teeth were moving. It could be I guess because I started right off the bat with coils and a bunch of nasty mean things, so when they just replace them it sill feels normal. I dunno.....Ill check back in soon~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Adjustment and update

So on Thursday I had my first adjustment. I think I had some great improvements and alot of new space added, due to my lovely powechains and coils. The ortho doesnt talk alot to me, so im not sure if he was delighted but I was. I had my wire replaced, I think with the same size, some more coils added to the bottom and again another on my top left. Lastly I had some elastics added to my number three top and bottom and then from my right top numer three to my right bottom 3 and 4 . The Ortho thinks that at my next visit they will take my molding for the RPE device(fun fun). That usually takes about two weeks to come back. My outpatient surgery is tentatively set for May 28, 2009 at 0600 hrs. With the placement of the RPE on the wednesday before the surgery. I would like to tell you more about exactly is in my mouth but I just dont know? Ive included some pics so you can see my changes if possible, with and without elastics.
Thanks for looking~sephanie